Manufacturing of the cups and lids made of polymer materials
   for food product packaging


About The Company

    We produce polymer cups, containers (PS, PP) and lids (PS, PP) for packing of dairy and other food products (sour cream, yoghurt, dairy dessert, cheese spread, fermented baked milk, lapper milk, etc.).

    We offer different variants of decoration for our products:
- cardboard wrapping (analogue to 3, DuoSmart)
- offset printing
- self-adhesive labels (paper, films)
- heat shrink labels (sleeve)

    We provide our customers with such services as drawings design development, as well as their fine-tuning and adapting in order to meet requirements of the decoration technology.

    Our company was founded in 1996.

    Our work is guided by fundamental principles including the emphasis on quality, completeness of services, efficiency of orders fulfillment, as well as comprehensive consultations for our customers.

 cardboard wrapping  

heat shrink labels (sleeve)

  self-adhesive labels  

     offset printing       

          lid PP         

JV "TWP-Ukraine Ltd."
Ukraine, Kharkov, Roganskaya Str. 149
tel. +380 50 529 6964