Manufacturing of the cups and lids made of polymer materials
   for food product packaging

You can rely on us everywhere.

Internationally active with locations in Western and Eastern Europe.

Supplying companies throughout Western and Eastern Europe from our production sites in Germany, Russia and the Ukraine, we offer a comprehensive service portfolio ranging from the creation or optimisation of your product design, through film manufacture and thermoforming to printing and labelling. Accompanied throughout by personal service that goes way beyond the delivery of our product which is exactly what our customers appreciate most of all.

twp lage gmbh

Head office in Lage, near Bielefeld in Germany, is the point of contact for many well-known German and Western European food companies.
twp lage gmbh
Ehlenbrucher Straße 45
D 32791 Lage
Tel.: +49 5232 9611-0
Fax: +49 5232 9611-39

TWP Ukraine OOO     and     TWIN-Druck SAO

At the Kharkiv site, subsidiaries TWP Ukraine OOO and Twin-Druck SAO produce plastic packaging for dairy products, packaging films, aluminium lids and labels for the Eastern European market.

TWP Ukraine OOO
UA 61172 Kharkiv
Tel. + 38 057 7145525
Fax: + 38 057 7163678

At Kirov (Obl. Kaluga) in Russia, subsidiary TWP Kaluga OOO produces plastic packaging for ice cream and dairy products for the Russian market.

Moscow sales office
Prospekt Mira, 118 / 265
RUS 129164 Moskau
Tel.: + 7 495 686 4988
Fax: + 7 495 686 4988

JV "TWP-Ukraine Ltd."
Ukraine, Kharkov, Roganskaya Str. 149
tel./fax: +38 (057) 7145 - 525,
+38 (057) 7145 - 505;      e-mail: